A Chance For A New Beginning

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" Finally a house we can call our home"
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Providing low income the resources to own their own home as well as helping the homeless and ex-offenders to become self-sufficient.
Put our expertise to work for you. At A Chance For A New Beginning, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community as a premier provider of services for the beaumont area.
"A program that never fails..."
Helping to educate and job train those who are willing to go back to school for further education and career opportunities. 
"Never give up on those that need another chance"

Counseling and rehabilitating to give both society and corrections the opportunity to become self-sufficient and   
re-integrate back into society.
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"A Chance For A New Beginning Needs your help with donations, furniture, clothes, and volunteers."  Thanks!
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